jorge haro av concert

modul+ (work in progress) (2016-)

EP, music album, installation, multi-channel concert.

It is a series of compositions that can be featured in three different formats: EP, album, multi-channel sound installation and multi-channel concert (eight channels with AMBISONICS technology.)

Aesthetically, they are abstract electronic music compositions, therein complex and evolving sound characteristics are investigated after being generated and processed by digital and analogical modular systems.

The raw material for these compositions was produced with Buchla 200 and Serge Modular synthesizers during an artistic stay at the EMS studios in Stockholm, Sweden, in May 2016.

The sound palette was completed with field recordings done at EMS and on a sound drift in Stockholm.

The album will be released both physically and digitally. It will comprise a series of compositions entitled: m+ m, m+ p y m+ x.

The sound installation, modul+ [multi-channel 2D spectral version], is a firsthand approach to spatiality on eight channels. It is about an installation where the mix, the general perception of the work, is produced by how the listener is located in the space, the relation with the loudspeakers and also the response of the room when exposed to the audio program. For that matter, some research has been done on the internal space (the composition and its processes) as well as the external space (by which the piece is emitted) and the so-called critical distance, which is the relationship between direct and reflected sound in terms of the distance between the emitter (the loudspeakers for this matter) and the listener.

The installation modul+ [multi-channel 2D sspectral version] has a support of the National Fund of the Arts of Argentina Republic and will be presented for the first time at Plataforma Bogota (Bogota, Colombia), on 9th August , 2018.


The EP modul+ m will be published by Inkilino Records in 2018.

The multi-channel concert version will be developed in 2019.








jorge haro av concert